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What Lorem Ipsen !! Hey just having some fun. Believe it or not we can rank pages with this sort of content....not that you would want to....but we have done it in testing, so on page SEO is just one part of the ranking equation. Developing branded content in other places online and user engagement play a huge role.  Unfortunately most branded content is on crappy sites that Google does not trust or get no traffic. Yikes! Or you just cannot get traction and trust with search engines without traffic - a real chicken and egg situation that we can help fix with our army of online pros.

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Projects Done
(including PPC, Dispaly Ads, SEO, Google Business Listings, Press Releases, and Reputation Management, Video and more.


Ad Campaigns Reviewd
(that's over 103 million* keywords and counting! *(Juy 2023)

From Idea to Action Our Latest Case Studies

Want some proof. Lets meet on zoom for a quick chat. You'll probably want to work together (we know our stuff) but hey if not no problem. You'll absolutely come away with some actionable steps to get you flying in the search engines and local google maps search,


We Have a Skilled Team of
Digital Marketing Professionals

Technical SEO is his forte. He is able to use our cutting edge SEO tools to deliver results in both website and Google Business Profile rankings.  Want to rank in one suburb but not another (for a specific local keyword)....that is possible.

Look others may say they can rank your stuff. But we GUARANTEE RESULTS, often in less than 90 days.

Of course if you want to rank for "weight loss" that is going to be pretty difficult.  But "weight loss tips for teenagers" may be a different thing.

We will help you find good keywords, with buyer intent to get you rankings and traffic.



Don't let his youthful looks deceive you! Your competition and G..gle has no chance against his killer instinct, with smart Display Banner Ads and PPC campaigns. John has access to our own private in house suite of apps PPC Primed and PPC Lab that allow us to legally spy on your competitor's best ads.  We also make sure your PPC campaigns do not show up for terms that do not covert, forcing the big G to use your budget for converting terms.  Our Display Ads platform allows us to literally steal your competitor customers by advertising to them on their mobile device, wherever they are, just because they visited.


Content Writer Extroadinaire.  As the lead of our content writing team, both search engines and clients alike will be wowed by my blog posts, press releases and other content pieces.

Now lets get this AI thing out in the open. Yes we use Chat GPT and about 15 other AI platforms. But that is step one of nine in our process map. All steps have human input, even Chat GPT (the prompts we put in  are everything) Step seven of nine is proofing the finished text and some fine tuning to optimise the content before publication. Want to know more about AI and how it can help your business?  Please talk to Mike. He has been working with various AI projects since 2020 and would be happy to give you some guidance.